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Yellowstone cutthroat trout
Oncorhynchus clarkii bouvieri
Identifying Characteristics

Yellowish brown, silvery or brassy bronze, becoming paler toward the belly
Spots medium in size, conspicuous, rounded and often concentrated towards caudal fin
Red or orange slash under lower jaw
Crimson blush on gill plate
Distinguished from rainbow trout by the lack of white borders on its paired fins
Distinguished from other cutthroats by its large black spots concentrated toward the caudal fin and its drab colors
Yellowstone cutthroat trout image 
Other Information
In Wyoming, the Yellowstone cutthroat trout is native to the Yellowstone River drainage downstream to the Tongue River, including the Big Horn and Clark's Fork river drainages in Wyoming. It is the most widely recognized subspecies of the cutthroat trout.

Yellowstones prefer clear, cool streams and rivers, but are also found in ponds and lakes. Food is primarily aquatic insects and terrestrial invertebrates.

Yellowstone cutthroat trout image
Angling Tips
Most conventional trout fishing techniques work fine for cutthroat – in fact, they are one of the easiest trout to catch on hook and line.

Yellowstone cutthroat trout image