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Yellow perch
Perca flavscens
Identifying Characteristics

Spiny and soft dorsal fins not connected
Back and side crossed by several vertical bars that are regular in size and shape
Distinguished from walleye and sauger by lack of large prominent teeth and anal fin with 6 to 8 soft rays rather than 11 to 14
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Other Information
Wyoming’s most important perch fisheries include Glendo and Boysen reservoirs and Lake Hattie and DeSmet. Perch do well in most standing water environments that have aquatic vegetation present in the spring. Spawning takes place in the spring when water temperatures reach fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Eggs are laid over vegetation in long gelatinous strands. Perch are an important forage species for walleye, but often produce dense, stunted populations when adequate predation is lacking. Food of the perch includes plankton, aquatic insects, and small fish.

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Angling Tips
Perch are easily taken on hook and line using bait such as worms, insect larvae, and small minnows where legal. Ice fishing is a very popular technique.

Colorado River cutthroat trout image