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Sander vitreum
Identifying Characteristics

Large silvery eye
Large sharp teeth and anterior dorsal fin with spines
Distinguished from sauger by white marking on lower lobes of tail and anal fins and black membranes between last two or three spines of first dorsal fin
Young walleye are distinguished from yellow perch by their numerous large teeth
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Other Information
In Wyoming walleye have been introduced in the North Platte River and reservoirs; Boysen, Bighorn, Grayrocks, and Keyhole reservoirs; Ocean Lake; and a number of other waters. The preferred habitat includes large reservoirs or rivers. Food habits and spawning are similar to those of the sauger.

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Angling Tips
Angling is generally best in the spring and fall. Preferred methods include trolling with plugs and bait rigged on spinners and casting lead headed jigs along rocky points.

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