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Rock bass
Ambloplites rupestris
Identifying Characteristics

Lines of blackish spots on body
Red eye
Spiny and soft dorsal fines well connected with 12 dorsal fin spines
Parallel lines of blackish spots on sides
Distinguished from green sunfish by having 6 anal fin spines rather than 3
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Other Information
Native range of the rock bass is from Manitoba east through the Great Lakes states to New York and South to Oklahoma. Rock bass have been introduced to several locales in northeastern Wyoming including LAK Reservoir, Lake DeSmet, and the Tongue River. Rock bass prefer pools in rubble-bottomed stream but also do well in lakes, especially when there are areas of rock bottom. Spawning and food habits are similar to those of most sunfishes.

Rock bass image
Angling Tips
Rock bass are easily taken on hook and line using small baited hooks or flies. Unfortunately, this species seldom reaches a size to interest many fishermen.

Rock bass image