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Brown trout
Salmo trutta
Identifying Characteristics

General lack of spots on the tail
Light colored "halos" around the dark spots
May have some red or orange spots
Orange tint along belly
Small scales
Distinguished from brook trout by dark spots on a light background versus light spots on a dark background for brook trout
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Other Information
Though not a native of Wyoming, the brown trout is now widely distributed in lakes and streams throughout Wyoming. In streams, brown trout prefer dense cover, particularly overhead cover from undercut banks and vegetation. They are slightly more tolerant of high water temperatures than other trout.

The brown trout is a fall spawner. Like most trout, young browns feed on aquatic insects, crustaceans and plankton in lakes and reservoirs. Brown trout over twelve inches usually prefer larger food items such as small fish and crayfish. Due to their longer life span (up to ten years) and preference for large food items, brown trout often reach trophy sizes. Fish over ten pounds are not uncommon, and fish over twenty pounds have been taken from the North Platte River and Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Brown trout image
Angling Tips
Most conventional trout fishing techniques work for brown trout. Trolling large plugs is especially effective for trophy browns in large reservoirs.

Brown trout image