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Brook trout
Salvelinus fontinalis
Identifying Characteristics

Light spots on a dark background
Some red or pink spots with blue halos concentrated on lower half of body
Lower fins and tail have striking white border offset by black
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Other Information
The brook trout is native to the eastern United States and Canada from Labrador to Georgia and westward to Wisconsin. This species was widely introduced in western United States from the late 1800 until around 1940. The brook trout prefers clean, cold streams and has become well established in the mountain regions throughout most of the state.

The brook trout is a prolific fall spawner. In small streams, it often overpopulates, which may eliminate other trout species and cause the brook trout to remain "stunted" or unable to grow past a relatively small size. Like most stream trout, brook trout’s food consists mainly of aquatic insects. Larger brook trout, particularity in lakes, often feed on smaller fish.

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Angling Tips
Brook trout are easily caught using most popular trout fishing methods. Most brook trout in Wyoming range from six to ten inches.

Brook trout image