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Black crappie
Pomoxis nigromaculatus
Identifying Characteristics

Spiny and soft dorsal fins well connected
7 to 8 anal fin spines
Distinguished from white crappie by having 7 to 8 dorsal fin spines, rather than 6, also by having dark markings on side that consist of irregularly arranged speckles and blotches rather than regularly arranged vertical bars
Black Crappie Image 
Other Information
In Wyoming, black crappie are found in Ocean Lake, Boysen Reservoirs, Lake DeSmet and several other reservoirs and small lakes. Crappie do best in lakes and reservoirs with warm water temperatures and an abundance of small forage fish. Spawning takes place in the early summer when water temperatures reach sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Spawning patterns are similar to those of bass and sunfish. Food of the crappie includes insects and crustaceans with a strong preference for small fish as the crappie get larger.

Black Crappie Image
Angling Tips
Crappie are taken on hook and line using bait, small flies, spinners, and small plugs.

Black Crappie Image