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Black bullhead
Amerius melas
Identifying Characteristics

Black bullhead, like all Wyoming catfish, can be distinguished from other Wyoming fish by the presence of long barbels (whisker) and the lack of scales
Distinguished from the channel catfish by its square caudal fin (the channel catfish has a forked caudal fin)
Distinguished from the stonecat by its completely separated adipose and caudal fins
Black bullhead image 
Other Information
Bullheads prefer small, muddy lakes and calm pools in warm streams. The black bullheads feed on a wide variety of food, primarily aquatic insects but will eat almost anything edible that is available. In Wyoming, bullheads spawn in early summer. Eggs are laid in small depressions. The adults guard eggs and newly hatched fry. When habitat conditions are favorable and predators rare, bullheads have a tendency to produce dense populations of stunted fish.

Black bullhead image
Angling Tips
Still-fishing with worms is a favorite techniques for catching bullheads.

Black bullhead image