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It is important for anglers to know how to identify the fish species they seek so they can comply with regulations and aid in the conservation of the valuable resource. This site is designed to help you identify Wyoming's most common game fish. The 2008-2009 fishing regulations have different creel limits for different kinds of trout, so identifying your catch is critical to avoid a ticket. Remember, if you don't know, let it go.

Start by reading the individual species profiles, which will point out identifying characteristics and provide other information on habitat and popular angling techniques for that species.
If you are an experienced angler or feel you have enough knowledge to identify Wyoming's sport fish, try your luck at the Fish ID Quiz. This quiz will help test your knowledge of trout, walleye and sauger. The test consists of 28 multiple choice questions.
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What to Look For
When using illustrations/photographs to identify fish, the reader should remember that individual fish of a give species will vary widely in color, spotting and size. Other characteristics may have to be examined to get an accurate identification.
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All fish art by Michelle LaGory

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Bonneville cutthroat trout Colorado River cutthroat trout Snake River cutthroat trout
Yellowstone cutthroat trout Brown trout Brook trout
Golden trout Rainbow trout Lake trout
Kokanee Grayling Mountain whitefish
Bluegill Green sunfish Northern Pike
Black crappie Pumpkinseed Smallmouth Bass
Largemouth Bass Walleye Rock bass
Sauger Yellow perch Channel catfish
Black bullhead

Side-by-Side Comparisons
Walleye vs. Sauger

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