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Every person owning or leasing a structure, which meets the following criteria shall report to the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) the structure’s exact location, county, height above the ground, elevation at ground site, owner, and the method used to make the structure visible.
The structure is located outside the exterior boundaries of any incorporated city, town or recorded subdivision, and the structure’s appearance is not otherwise mandated by state or federal law or rule or regulation.
  The structure is 50 feet in height above the ground or higher
Is a structure associated with the development or study of wind powered electric generation, commonly known as meteorological tower or "Met Tower."

In addition to the reporting requirements for all MET Towers, any MET tower meeting these same criteria, erected, raised after being lowered, purchased or leased on or after March 4, 2009 must be marked in a manner that makes the tower visible from at least 2000 feet.

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Chapter 3-Aerial Obstruction Reporting Requirements
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